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When you need to transport goods from A to B, a lot of pressure can be on your shoulders to ensure everything is taken care of. You need to ensure the right documents are filled out and that the right people are aware of your plans, but this can be hard to organise when you’re already trying to run a business.

If you want someone to take care of the shipping side of things, our team are on hand to help.

At Luna Shipping Ltd we offer a complete service so we can help anyone that comes our way.

As part of our customer service, we’ll make sure you can keep in touch if any concerns arise during the process. No matter whether you’re shipping multiple vehicles or personal goods, you can trust in us to make sure we communicate effectively.

Whether you want to know more about our West Africa shipping services, East Africa shipping services or South Africa shipping services, we’re on hand to help.

On our website you can view the latest departing times for wherever you need to ship your goods to, so make sure to look today.