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Air Freight To Africa

Do you require air freight to Africa? With the ability to arrange air freight and shipping for all of our clients, we are a transport agency you can rely on time and time again. We’re reputable for our shipping expertise and freight forwarding, so look no further than Luna Shipping as your transport agency.

With our expert shipping and delivery services, you can rely on our professional team of shipping experts. The team itself generates on competitiveness to offer the best service. They thrive on quality and have the highest experience with shipping goods overseas. Not only do they focus on the service itself, but they also strive to offer the best customer service. We have a wealth of experience with shipping, and our staff are friendly and mature in their approach.

Along with our expertise, we have built a fantastic relationship with personnel overseas, ensuring you and your items gain the quality service required both here in the UK and overseas.

We can arrange collection of your goods in the UK, and then arrange suitable transfer for the shipment. We handle a great amount of sea freight shipping services as well as air freight, and have the ability to deliver to popular locations, including Australia, Africa and the USA. All shipments are cost-effective, secure and reliable.

You can always expect a hassle-free process with Luna Shipping.

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