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Car Shipping To Botswana

Do you want to utilise an experienced shipping company who can provide car shipping to Botswana? Here at Luna Shipping, we provide hassle free vehicle shipping to South Africa. We’ve supported many clients during our time and delivered the best selection of shipment options to suit their schedule and budget.

There are many processes to follow when it comes to shipping your car or vehicles overseas, especially to a location like Africa. We offer a weekly departure from three ports in the UK these are Southampton, Sheerness in North Kent or Immingham and a port in North East Lincolnshire on the east coast. Botswana mostly attracts safari-based tourism; therefore, it has a growing need for transportation links from overseas. We have our agents here in the UK, but we also have qualified agents overseas to support you and your items once off the UK boarder.

Transit time for car shipping to Durban in South Africa is 24 hours. Upon arrival, your car can be collected, which we can pre-arrange for you. It can be transported further inland onto Gaborone, Botswana and a host of other locations in Botswana’s surrounding countries.

Find out more today by taking a look through our website and seeing if our shipment schedules suit you.