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Car Shipping To Nigeria

Shipping a car to Nigeria has never been easier. Here at Luna Shipping we have shipped all sorts of vehicles overseas and are confident our expertise can help you transport your car safely, securely and within budget.

Our methods of shipping are straightforward and designed to suit all various shipping needs. When you choose to move forward with our shipping service, we’ll make sure to communicate with you throughout the journey and offer advice on how to avoid issues coming up when possible.

As we are a leading provider of shipping services to Africa, we have taken the opportunity to grow and have our specialist customers team take care of the end your journey; ultimately saving you stress.

Not only can our team be there to help you with customs clearance, but also take your vehicle to the desired destination where needed. Prior to the journey itself, we can also arrange to collect your vehicle from your location and bring it to our shipping destination on trade plates.

One of our main shipping techniques for cars is roll on, roll off for its speed and simplicity. We encourage you to consider this option; however, if you wish to try a different method, we’ll advise you on what can work with your car.

To find out more about how we can help you, don’t wait to get in touch today via Alternatively, you can take a look through our website to discover our other shipping offers.