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Car Shipping To South Africa

When you need reliable car shipping to South Africa, you can rely on our team at Luna Shipping to exceed your expectations and meet your shipping requirements. We understand the stress that can come with shipping any type of product overseas and are confident we can make the process hassle-free.

Shipping goods according to your budget

 We have many different shipping solutions available to explore and can find out which is right for your vehicle. Whether the car is for domestic or commercial use, we can make sure it is exported in suitable conditions.

Our shipping services are provided weekly to all African ports to ensure that you can have your vehicle arrive at its destination as soon as possible. We are well-informed of various shipping customs as well and will do everything we can to make sure the process is straightforward and swift.

Making vehicle shipping more affordable for all clients

No matter if you’re a business owner shipping multiple vehicles to clients or a homeowner moving over to the country for a new life, we can help you.

One of our most cost-effective methods is the roll on, roll off (ro/ro) solution. Not only does this make shipping your car easier, but also speed up the process by allowing the vehicle to be driven on and off the ship with its own wheels.

Don’t wait to get in touch today and enquire about our shipping solutions you can explore for your vehicle.