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Car Shipping To South Africa

When it comes down to car shipping to South Africa, you can always rely on our expertise to meet your shipping requirements and give you any education on the vehicle shipping process to Africa. Shipping your vehicles, goods or personal belongings can be an extremely stressful time. The thought of your belongings travelling overseas can be extremely intimidating – items don’t particularly float well with water, but there’s nothing to worry about with our shipping services.

We can help ship single vehicles or a fleet
With our car shipping services to Africa, we are able to offer you expert vehicle shipping advice for all of our clients, whether they’re domestic or commercial orders. When you need car shipping to Southern Africa, you can always rely on us and our knowhow of vehicle shipping. We are known as one of the largest exporters from the UK to Southern Africa for all types of vehicles. We have a weekly service to all African ports from Sheerness, Immingham & Southampton.

Our clients often ask what is the most cost effective shipping process for their vehicles, we recommend our Roll on Roll off (ro/ro) shipping. The process of this shipment is surprisingly easy, as well as being cheaper than other shipment options. The only point that we highlight to our customers is that the vehicles must be driven on and off the ship on their own wheels. Not only do we offer ro/ro shipping, but we also offer container shipping as an alternative way to ship – which allows you to ship vehicles and any other additional goods.

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