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Car Shipping To Zimbabwe

When it comes down to shipping a car or a number of vehicles to another country, it can be an extremely stressful thought. The reason that it is so stressful is because you don’t particularly know how car shipping works and you hate the thought of it travelling over the sea to a complete different country. However by using Luna Shipping you can be confident that your car shipment will all arrive safely. Luna Shipping are the specialists in vehicle shipping to Africa. Their service allows you a stress free way of shipping all of your goods on a global basis. A worldwide shipment service has never been so easy to use.

Vehicle shipping to African ports is always overthought and overpriced, but for Luna Shipping it’s a simple daily activity. They have the right contacts and information to always keep their customers in the loop. With their knowledge and contact information, Luna Shipping are able to inform their clients on what will happen during the shipment and what will happen on the other side in Zimbabwe. Just from knowing this information will instantly release the tension of a client.

Luna Shipping can ship cars, 4X4s, vans, buses, trucks, trailers, plant & machinery. In terms of vehicle shipping to Southern Africa, Luna Shipping can ship to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nambia, Botswana, South Africa and Lesotho.

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