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Effortless Sea Freight Services

At Luna Shipping it has been our aim to offer our clients effortless sea freight services, and we believe we have achieved this. Finding reliable shipping services in the UK offers many options, but of how many of those are affordable and experienced? Here at Luna we have been providing worldwide shipping since we first began back in 1998.

Our sea freight services allow our UK based customers to ship across the globe affordably and efficiently. Whether you require sea freight services to Africa or Australia, we’ll be able to achieve this for you.

Sea freight is a popular solution to transport items and vehicles, especially for transporting goods on an international level. It’s an economical process, due to the speed of delivery and cost. Many people prefer air freight, but sea freight services are generally cheaper, making them the most popular option.

We pride ourselves on efficiency and quality with all our services. We strive to offer the best level of customer service. Our team are extremely attentive, and they will always strive to offer the best transportation services to meet your needs.

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