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Excess Baggage To Zambia

See how we can help with excess baggage to Zambia Are you looking to travel to Zambia? Perhaps you have family that you’d like to visit and send gifts to? Or maybe you’re moving and would like to send your goods via our shipment service? At Luna Shipping, we promise to keep you posted on the whereabouts and arrival of your goods so you can rest easy knowing everything is in hand. We appreciate that handing over your excess baggage to a shipping company can be daunting, however this is something we do regularly and people trust us across the world to take care of it. Whether you’re looking to ship your excess baggage to Zambia or anywhere else in the world, our team will take responsibility of your goods and ensure they get to their destination safely and on time. We have the equipment, connections, knowledge and experience to be able to provide a well-rounded service to all our clients. Not only will we keep you updated on the logistics, but we’ll go above and beyond to ensure your good arrive at their destination. If you’d like to get a quote or book us in for a job, get in touch today.


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