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Expert Shipping To Zimbabwe

When shipping to Zimbabwe, you want to make sure that your items make it to their destination safely and securely – in addition to quickly and efficiently. To ensure your items are transported smoothly, why not choose us at Luna Shipping to provide you with a stress-free solution for shipping your goods to the East of Africa.

We specialise in shipping a range of goods. Whether it’s personal items, containers or vehicles old and new, we guarantee that we can offer a solution and will work hard to find the one that works around your budget; ensuring that it is affordable for you.

When you choose to use our service, our expert team can offer to arrange collection and delivery of your goods to your desired destination. As a company that covers all African ports and airports, we guarantee that we can ship your items as soon as possible to their end point; keeping them in safe and secure conditions along the way.

Our experience spans over 18 years and has only increased our passion for shipping goods across the world, so why not choose us today and book for your items to be shipped by our professional service.

To find out more about our shipping to Zimbabwe, you can give us a call on 0208 508 8088. Alternatively, you can email us at