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Freight Forwarding Services

Moving your goods from one location to another isn’t so difficult when you’re keeping it in the same country; the only stress being the handling the items received upon delivery. But when you’re products, vehicles or personal items are being shipped across the country, that’s a whole challenge. For reliable freight forwarding services to Africa, Australia or in Europe, then you can rely on our expert services here at Luna Shipping.

We are experienced and capable of taking care of the movement of our client’s shipments and other cargo, by catering to their needs by supporting them with the packaging of their goods, transporting their items for shipment, and help through customs clearance services. Companies and private clients are looking to us over the competition simply because we offer an expert service from experienced personnel, all for an extremely competitive price. We are a team of individuals who do not rest until our client is completely satisfied, and that is how we deliver a quality service.

No job is ever too big or too complex for us – we have worked with globally performing companies as well as local people in the UK. When you require shipping or freight experts, look no further.

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