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Sea Freight Services

Are you wondering how you could benefit from sea freight services? Here at Luna Shipping, we offer sea freight services to all customers across the UK; so when they require sea freight to any location across the globe, they can rely on our expertise to find them the best service available. Sea freight has been the most utilised forms of transport, especially for transporting goods internationally; because it is one of the most economical processes. Many people prefer air freight, but sea freight services are generally cheaper. You can utilise sea freight services for bulks of items and personal effects.

We pride ourselves on efficient and quality shipment services, and along with our productivity, we also strive to offer the best level of customer service. We’re an attentive team here at Luna and we will always strive to offer the best transportation services to meet your needs. Not only are we a team of experienced shipping experts, but we also have extremely positive relationships with oversea personnel, allowing us to assure your items will arrive safely and be dealt with accordingly.

Whether you require vehicle shipping to Southern Africa or the shipment of personal effects, you can always rely on our services here at Luna.

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