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Sea Freight To Africa

Do you want to find reliable sea freight services to Africa? The process of transporting your goods or vehicles to another country can be an intimidating process, especially if it’s something of high value; but there is no need to worry with the right assistance. The process of finding a reliable shipping company isn’t as difficult as you may believe it to be; we complete sea freights to Africa on a daily basis. Due to our contacts and professional relationships across the UK and Africa, we are able to complete shipments of all types to suit your needs. Our sea freights to Africa are the most popular options, simply because they’re prompt, efficient and cost effective.

Since our establishment back in 1998, the aim has always been the same – to make shipping easy. There’s nothing worse than spending a huge amount of time organising shipping arrangements from the pickup in the UK, transfer to the shipping dock and then the arrangements overseas. Here at Luna Shipping, we are able to support you throughout the process of shipping your items to Africa. We pride ourselves on our shipping capabilities, this not only includes sea freight services, but also airfreight too. Whether you need to transfer containers, commercial goods, personal effects, cars, vans, trucks, trailers and plant & machinery.

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