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Shipping Personal & Household Effects To Botswana

Are you looking at the possibility of shipping personal & household effects to Botswana? Whether you’re looking for ship drums to Eastern Africa, or personal belongings to Southern Africa, we’ll be able to find the best suited shipment and schedule for your goods and needs. We believe that we can ship any kind of item to Africa, however big or small the item or the load is. Worldwide shipping has never been so easy, and with our support here at Luna Shipping, you will never look back. When you need to send your goods overseas, we'll be able to offer you a great selection of shipping services to suit you and your items. We are able to arrange collection of your goods in the UK from any UK address and arrange suitable transfer for shipment. We handle a great amount of sea freight shipping services, most popularly to Africa; which are cost-effective, secure and reliable for all clients. Although our shipping services are set at an extremely competitive rate, you can still expect the highest level of service. The process is simple – you pack, we collect, we ship to your destination, and you collect on the other side. We have the most experienced staff at our disposal, and we guarantee a stress-free shipping service. Please click here to read our previous article.


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