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Shipping Personal & Household Effects To Harare

Are you looking for a shipping company who offer reliable shipping of Personal & Household effects to Harare? By using our shipping services and know how here at Luna Shipping, you can easily find the right shipment to suit you and your objects and possessions. We specialise in the movement and transportation of goods, whether it’s for personal use or corporate reasons. From personal effects to excess baggage, we have all shipment types covered.

If it’s your first time shipping, then you may be left worrying about what the process of arranging your shipment involves. We want to take all that stress away by offering on point advice and a selection of shipment services. We specialise in the shipment of vehicles and belongings over to all major African destinations. Whether you are shipping to Harare or Zimbabwe, we can help you, by offering a vast selection of shipping options.

Sending your goods overseas is always an intimidating thought, but it doesn’t need to be. We have personnel in the UK, but we have also formed an alliance with operatives over in Africa too, meaning you and your possessions are well cared for throughout the process.

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