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Shipping Services to Africa

If you can’t find a service that will ship to your desired location, look to Luna Shipping. With our shipping services to Africa, we’re confident you can have your item delivered to the location you need.

Our shipping services reach all African destinations and deliver anything from containers to vehicles, personal effects and more. Whether you need to ship large machinery or a small figurine, we can find a suitable solution that is both cost-effective for your budget and befitting of your requirements.

We have many years in the industry dealing with a range of needs and have been praised for our collaborative work during delivery. Additionally, we have gained many long-term clients and continue to work hard with each delivery they require.

For a hassle-free service and professional support, choose Luna Shipping today and have your items delivered as soon as possible to your desired destination. Moreover, if you need support with loading containers or vehicles onto ships, our team can provide support to ensure your items are safe and secure for travel.

To find out more about our shipping services to Africa, or if you would like to make a booking with our service, you can give us a call on 0208 508 8088. Alternatively, you can email us at