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If you are travelling or moving to a location within South Africa and you can’t bear to part from your car, we can get this transported safely over to you. The process is simple. We collect the vehicle from you and you pick it up at the other side. It’s not just cars we transport, we can also ship over any other type of vehicle, as well as personal belongings. We offer the best price for shipping services to South Africa and we also ensure a safe journey for your belongings. Our staff are highly experienced and able to offer you advice and support on all your shipping needs.

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At Luna Shipping, we aim to exceed your expectations and this is why the majority of our clients return to us frequently for all their shipping needs. You can take a look at our testimonials to find out what other customers think about our services and if you would like a quote, you can get this directly via our website. If you’d rather have a chat with us, you can reach us on 0208 508 8088 or alternatively, drop us an email at