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Shipping To Africa Made Easy

Shipping to Africa is no longer a treacherous process – by shipping your goods to Africa with us here at Luna Shipping, you can save on cost and save your valuable time. Along with our shipping to Africa, we can also complete Air Freights to Africa, gifting you a much wider means to move your goods.

We’re a transport agency that many clients across the globe rely on time and time again. We’re reputable for our shipping expertise and freight forwarding, and have arranged many shipments and air deliveries

Our expert shipping and delivery services mean you can relax; there’s no need for you to stress about the process anymore. The team itself generates on its competitiveness to offer the best service, and they thrive on quality. With experience of moving goods overseas, you can trust them with movement to Africa, Australia or even New Zealand.

The service we provide is always on the front of our mind, but we also stand to offer the best customer service.

We have built a fantastic relationship with personnel overseas, ensuring you and your items gain the quality service required both here in the UK and overseas.

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