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Shipping To Harare

If you’re planning to ship goods overseas, look to Luna Shipping for specialist shipping services. We’re confident we can take care of all your shipping needs and assist you with shipping to Harare.

As the capital of Zimbabwe, Harare is a busy city with many opportunities for business. We understand that shipping goods, whether it’s personal, commercial items or vehicles, safely and securely is important and will endeavour to make they reach their destination in dependable conditions.

Prior to shipping your goods, we’ll take your requirements carefully into consideration to ensure your budget is met and expectations exceeded. Some goods may only be able to travel in certain conditions. That is why we’ll look at all possible solutions before asking you to declare which shipping solution you’d prefer.

If you would like to know where your goods are during their journey, we can keep you informed from day one to ensure you can have peace of mind knowing your goods are in safe hands.

To find out more about our services, don’t hesitate to take a look through our website. You can also speak to our staff directly by giving us a call on 0208 508 8088 or email