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Shipping To Maputo Mozambique

Do you require shipping to Maputo Mozambique? There’s no need to worry about the prospect of shipping goods overseas when you have the expertise of our team here at Luna Shipping.

With our years of experience, we are capable of organising a shipment to suit your needs in terms of the load you are moving and the time frame in which it needs to be delivered.

We offer a great deal of shipping services to our clients, ranging from vehicle shipping to East Africa or even sea freight to any African destination.

Shipping a single or number of products or items can be extremely stressful. The thought of your goods being shipped over water or high in the sky can make you think irrationally about what could potentially happen to your items. We can assure you that your items will be just fine, we deal with shipments on a daily basis without any problems, so don’t fear.

Since our establishment back in 1998, our aim was to make our client’s shipping experience much easier and much less stressful than ever before. We have achieved this for many clients over the years and continue to do so. We will not be beaten on price to any African destination, simply because our prices are competitively low.

We can ship cars, 4x4s, vans, buses, trucks, trailers and plant & machinery for our clients, with options of various shipment options.

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