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Shipping To Perth With Us

Choose our shipping to Perth when you need to move goods from A to B 

Do you have personal effects that you need to move to Perth? Perhaps you’ve moved locations and need to transport excess baggage? Or maybe you have certain items you need to ship that require great care? Whatever you need when it comes to shipping in Perth, we are here to help.

At Luna Shipping we are proud to offer affordable shipping to Perth

Whatever the shape or size of the package may be, we can handle large amounts of sea freight and can provide competitive prices on all locations.

All you need to do is package it up, give us a complete packing list of the goods and we’ll do the rest. From there, you just need to be at the collection point to pick up the goods.

We can provide shipping to Australia, shipping to New Zealand and shipping to the Caribbean.

If you would like to use our shipping to Perth for your next shipment, we are here to help make a real difference.

Give us a call on 0208 508 8088, message us on 07500 929224 or 07769 342824 or use the contact form.