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Shipping To Tema

Do you want to find the specialist in vehicle shipping to Africa? Here at Luna Shipping we have been extremely lucky to work our way up to becoming one of the most notable vehicle shipping companies across the globe – specialising in vehicle shipments to African locations. If you’re looking for shipping to Tema, then look no further.

Our aim is to always provide a thorough, efficient and speedy service where we can organise your vehicle shipment quickly and put your vehicles on the correct ship to suit your budget and time scale. We’ve been established since 1998 and therefore know the varied vehicle shipping options to West Africa, Southern Africa and Eastern Africa. Not only do we know and offer a varied selection of vehicle shipments, but we know which ones will be best suited to you. We always aim to help out clients in any way we can, but most importantly we ensure that we are never beaten on price to any African destination and provide unbiased, honest and professional advice with your shipment.

Whether you require vehicle shipping to Tema or vehicle shipping to Lagos, you can rely on our experienced staff for the relevant information you require, as well as advice to best accommodate to your needs.

Continue to our website to find out more, or give us a call on 0800 026 7028 or 0208 508 8088.