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Truck Shipping To Mombasa

If you’re truck shipping to Mombasa, choose Luna Shipping for reliable and effective shipping services. We’re confident that no matter your requirements and budget, we’ll come up with a suitable shipping solution that can fulfil all your needs.

Our team know what it takes when it comes to all types of vehicle shipping. As a company that specialises in vehicle shipping to all African destinations, you can relax knowing we are familiar with what is required to ship vehicles safely and securely.

We use the quick and efficient Roll on/Roll off method when it comes to shipping vehicles to their destination. By utilising this method we can ensure a swift delivery without having to worry about how the truck will be removed from its shipping circumstances. This means that your truck, whether it’s for commercial or personal use, can be delivered as soon as possible.

Should you struggle to find time to bring your vehicle to our departure location, we can offer to pick up the vehicle from your location for you. This can be done via one of our esteemed drivers on trade plates or via transporter.

To find out more about our shipping services, you can give us a call on 0208 508 8088 or email us at Alternatively, you can discover what shipping offers we have available directly through our website.