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Truck Shipping To Walvis Bay

When you require a shipping solution for the movement of a large vehicle, you will still be able to rely on our expertise here at Luna Shipping – we have shipped a variety of vehicles, including trucks. If you’re looking for truck shipping to Walvis Bay, then look no further.

We recommend our Roll on Roll off (ro/ro) shipping the most simply because it offers the easiest shipment process. It’s easy as well as cheaper than other shipment options.

There is one key point that you will need to consider with our ro/ro shipping. Whether you have a single or multiple vehicles to be shipped, they must be driven on and off the ship on their own wheels. If this doesn’t work, then we do offer a wider variety of shipping options and extra benefits.

The other shipment option we recommend is container shipping. This allows you to ship vehicles and any other additional goods that require shipment in your own container.

Shipping your goods shouldn’t be a difficult task, nor should it take up a great deal of your time. With the assistance of our team, we can make the entire process easy.

As the specialists in vehicle shipping to Africa, we are confident that our approach will suit you.

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