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Vehicle Shipping To Walvis Bay

Are you looking for a vehicle shipping service to Walvis Bay?

Years ago vehicle shipping was something that was quite a challenge. The shipments weren’t so free flowing and as common as they are today, and the prices were much higher than they are now. By using our service here at Luna Shipping, we guarantee that we will be able to help you in your search for vehicle shipping to Walvis Bay. We guarantee a stress free, highly organised and reliable vehicle shipping service via Walvis Bay to Namibia.

Whether you’re shipping to Namibia or Zimbabwe via Walvis Bay, we will be able to provide in depth information and an affordable service every single time. We ship the complete range of vehicles to Walvis Bay, Namibia quickly and safely, including cars, 4x4s, vans, buses, trucks, trailers, plant & machinery vehicles.

Our agents at Walvis Bay offer effective and efficient customs clearance procedures, as well as carry vehicles inland to both the Plumtree Border for Zimbabwe and Kazangula border for Zambia. We can also deliver your vehicles into Gaborone, Botswana.

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