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Vehicle Shipping To Zambia

If you are moving back home or travelling for a specific period of time, you may not want to give up your vehicle and with our vehicle shipping to Zambia, and various other locations, you won’t need to.

What we do

At Luna Shipping, we specialise in the safe shipping and delivery of vehicles to our customers and this might include a car, bus, 4 x 4 or any other form of transport. Whatever vehicle it may be, we are here to help through safe collection and delivery. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service and we always ensure the process is as simple as possible for our customers. We collect the vehicle from you, ship it over and you collect at the other side. It really couldn’t be easier.

Where we deliver

We offer our vehicle shipping service in Africa, but can also delivery goods to Australia and New Zealand. We also offer an air freight service in addition to sea freight.

Book your delivery

If you want a quote for your delivery, you can get this via our website. Alternatively, to discuss the finer details of your vehicle shipping, you can reach us on 0208 508 8088 today!

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