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Vehicle Shipping To Zambia

When it comes to transporting your vehicle or fleet of vehicles over to another country it can be a confusing and stressful experience. It can be hard to determine how you can transfer your vehicle overseas to another country or continent, but it’s certainly not impossible – it’s actually relatively simple.

By using our expertise in vehicle shipping to Africa, you will be able to ship to a number of African ports in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast to name just a few.

If you require vehicle shipping to Zambia, look no further than Luna Shipping.

We provide a wide range of vehicle shipping services to South Africa. We’re known as one of the largest exporters from the UK to Southern Africa for all types of vehicles. We offer weekly services to all Southern African ports from Sheerness, Immingham & Southampton.

Do not worry if you need to stick to a budget or you have a specific requirement, we will always do our best to meet your every need and provide a realistic and affordable vehicle shipping service to South Africa.

The type of shipment we offer is a RO/RO – Roll on Roll off Sea freight and Container Service. This is the most cost effective way to shipping your vehicle or vehicles. The process to putting this shipment into place is very easy and we’ll be able to guide you easily through the entire process from loading in the UK to unloading in South Africa.

Do you require vehicle shipping to Zambia? Vehicle shipping Zimbabwe? Or even vehicle shipping to Namibia? We can help organise these vehicles shipments with you.