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Luna Shipping are able to arrange the collection of all types of vehicles from all areas of the UK to be delivered directly into the necessary port for shipping overseas, easily and hassle free.

Collection & delivery to all UK ports can be arranged either as a driven collection using our professional trade plate service or transported via a road transporter. After many years of providing this service for new and existing clients we are able to provide the complete package from start to finish for each and every collection.

Luna Shipping’s vehicle transporter service is ideal for client’s who’s vehicles although may be road worthy do not have a valid M.O.T – vehicles must be in working order to be driven on and off the carrier.

Driven collections offer a great value for money and are by the most popular method of collection. Your vehicle does not need to have road tax or insurance simply just a valid M.O.T

Driven Collection Requirements:

Vehicles must be in a good roadworthy condition.

Vehicles must have a valid mot certificate that the driver will want to see on collection.

Vehicles must have sufficient fuel for the entire journey. if the driver has to stop to add fuel this will be billed to you at a later date.

It is the vehicle owners responsibility to ensure vehicle has breakdown cover.

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